The History Of NumbersUSA CEO Roy Beck

Roy Beck is the creator and CEO of NumbersUSA, a central institution with an online network accommodating at least 9 million US citizens. He is a former chief Washington journalist at Booth Newspapers chain; he did this job for three decades and later founded NumbersUSA in 1996. Mr. Beck graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and was among the best environmental newspaper reporters of the 1960s.

Roy Beck got a full-time job as an analyst of the US population and immigration issues in 1991. He authored four books on the environment, immigration, USA labor market; and religion, ethics and public policy. Beck is also a co-author of various studies on sprawl. He has been broadcasted in academic journals, newspapers and magazines. He developed the NumbersUSA to perform the immigration recommendations of two national councils, a presidential commission chaired by a previous senator, Tim Wirth and another bi-partisan congressional chaired by one-time Rep. Barbara Jordan.

The article in Atlantic Monthly titled, problems from too much immigration in a small city, was selected by Encyclopedia Britannica as a publication of the Annals of America. It was among the best piece of writings in the 1990s. Roy Beck has appeared as an immigration specialist in most TV shows, radio programs, university presentations, congressional hearings, speaker’s forums, conference panels and think tanks. He was awarded a US Army Commendation Medal (non-militant service) in 1972.

Beck has a record as a volunteer of leadership in various capacities, including; Multiple Sclerosis Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan; clothing closets for city children, Dallas; nursing homes in Columbia, Missouri; food and transport assistance to indigent immigrants in Arlington, VA; and United Methodist Sunday school guidance in Ohio, Texas and Virginia. Mr. Roy Beck has led an annual week-long expedition for teenagers since 1990, building homes for people and modernizing the poverty-stricken elderly’s homes. See related link to learn more.


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