Concepts for the Hybrid Office by Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino helps companies plan for the hybrid office. The firm will significantly impact your firm if you need to make massive or minor changes in operations and office space. Hughes Marino explains some factors a company should consider in using their room as a hybrid working space.


The Right-Size Space


Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm understands your organization’s workflow and quickly determines your space needs. The appropriate space is determined by the allocated individual workspaces rather than the total headcount of your company. You should also consider space for collaboration and updated facilities. 


People First


Hughes Marino considers people first in cases of office space. They understand that your team members represent the best part of your company, and they need to enjoy the office environment and workspace. Thus, a company head must ask for your team members’ opinions on office set-ups that will meet their comfort level. 


Offer Benefits You Can’t Have at Home


Offer high-quality coffee to ensure a workspace that is comfortable, hospitable, and stimulating. Consider the cleanliness and physical distancing. Create a space that promotes the company’s mission, joint force, and culture to encourage teamwork and innovation. 


Technological Mobility


Companies like Hughes Marino should ensure they increase video conferencing rooms to understand how space should be utilized and enhance WiFi connectivity. There should also be unique rooms designed only for video conferencing.


How to meet these requirements


Each company such as Hughes Marino has a specific workspace that it needs to operate effectively. Whether a work-from-home-model or office space, it should provide a collaborative environment that unifies the members. Hughes Marino specializes in tenant representation and building purchases and will help you design suitable office space for your company.