Alejandro Betancourt Lopez uses flexibility and adaptability to remain at the top

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez personal attributes have helped him to become the successful professional he is today. The renowned venture capitalist believes in flexibility and adaptability. These two features have helped the executive to transition so well from the energy industry to the technology world. While working in the technology field, Lopez had earned so much, but he wanted to try his luck in the technology section. Lopez has always asked entrepreneurs around the world to understand the ever-changing markets if they want to be successful. The best individuals in the market are the few who have clear understanding about culture, markets and technology.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and other business personalities needed to use fax to communicate twenty-five years ago. The modern generation, however, do not have an idea what fax is all about. To meet the demands of these individuals, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had had to learn the new market trends to keep up with his success. In the past twenty years, many people have started to use various social media platforms such as Facebook to communicate with new friends, business associates and customers.

In 2010, Instagram became one of the popular platforms too helping businesses to create content and sell their products. Social media has impacted many modern businesses in a positive way. People are selling their products better when using the social media platforms. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has raised many businesses through the use of social media. Hawkers, for instance, was an ordinary organization before it started to work with Lopez. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez increased the company sells in a very short duration with the use of various social media marketing techniques. The platform has sold millions of its products to customers in all regions of the world because of its amazing marketing methods used by the business leader.