Zilch: How to Manage Your Money Wisely – The Unconventional Way

Zilch is a personal finance tool that allows you to choose how you spend, where you spend, and how much you save. You can also use Zilch Rewards to get discounts. The virtual card operates in countries where MasterCard is accepted and works with any payment channel (SEPA, bank transfer, direct debit, etc.).

How does credit work with Zilch?

To use this card, you can pay only when you want to or plan to spend in the future. You can use any MasterCard services with no additional costs or charges to your credit score. How you pay for your purchases is how you spend in the future, including the buy now pay later option.

Since you’ll choose the way you pay for each purchase within it, you can decide what you want to buy now pay later. That’s part of the card’s freedom. As long as your purchases are funded through your MasterCard, you can spend and use it. You can also switch to the virtual card for your other transactions, though it may take a few days.

How will you earn if you pay off your card right away?

No recurring payments. So you’re rewarded for making your payments on time. Paying off your card right away will reduce the interest you’ll be charged. It’s the most affordable way to pay off your credit card debt. Prepaid or cashback? You’ll be paid in either of the two currencies that the virtual card accepts, Dollars or Bitcoins. However, you won’t be charged any fees for using your Bitcoins because Zilch uses Crypto-Coin exchanges, which take a small cut off your payback each time you use it.

Paying in four installments and paying 0% APR at thousands of stores

Deciding on a budget can be hard for many. Zilch enables users to allocate their money in four more manageable installments and pay a much lower interest rate than traditional banks. It’s among the few with buy now pay later alternatives.