Why Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, Insists On Creating A Good Customer Relationship With Clients

Most ideas are derived from years of research and study. The most innovative come from entrepreneurs who find an area needing change and set out to bring out solutions that fix the problem. This is how Andrew Brooks’ idea on Vianel Businesses started in 2013 when he realized that he could not get the perfect cardholder for himself. He built the Vianel business to be a known luxury brand offering classy, simple accessories.

After gaining the notable success he sought to venture out into clothing through Sinclair Global in September 2020. His main aim was to bring life back into the city through simple branded Sinclair apparel that stood out to all crowds. These are some of the principles that have brought Andrew Brooks succeed and be rated as a top entrepreneur in New York City.

Creating a Consistent Relationship with Customers

Andrew Brooks realized through experience that establishing a relationship with customers enabled the customer to continuously choose to buy products amidst competition from other same brands. His experience in building Vianel accessories taught him on paying key focus to the customers interested in his brand. This made him focus on patterns and styles that kept the customer coming back. He used the same business model on Sinclair Global and ensured his brand was intentional in focusing on consumers’ needs to feel alive.

Ensuring Authentic Products

His inspiration for his business was derived from him not getting a product that he liked. He then sought to design a product that fit his ultimate desire rather than choosing to buy just any kind of wallet. Andrew Brooks’ products are designed with the finest material and latest design that fit his millennial kind of target market. This is how he based his Sinclair Global as a streetwear brand.

Understanding Target Market Behavior

Andrew Brooks noted the importance of understanding the characteristic needs and demands of his major consumers. He noted that his audience is well aware of the fashion trends and can spot minor inauthentic differences in product marketing with real products.