Triller, Ryan Kavanaugh’s new hope

For people who thought otherwise about Ryan Kavanaugh, they must have celebrated upon his company’s downfall, Relativity Media. The self-claimed ‘Hollywood seer’ had been bragging about his prowess to predict the industry’s expectations for years. His company’s downfall saw Relativity media declared bankrupt twice in two years after losing approximately $100 million.

However, this is no longer the case as Kavanaugh is gradually scaling his career. His comeback has never been as evident following Donald Trump’s (then president) on 31st July 2020 when he reported that he could ban TikTok following concerns of a Chinese parent company. Kavanaugh recalls the following morning when he woke up to find Triller being the most visited entertainment platform.

Ryan Kavanaugh remembers investing$28 million in Triller in 2019 as a controller. Trump’s threat did the magic in fueling Triller’s awareness and even made Tiktok survive. This sharp popularity has seen celebrities, influencers, and other brands partner with Triller to partner and advertise their services.

The Weekend, Snoop Dogg, and Lil Wayne are people partnering with Triller. Six months after Trump’s intended TikTok ban, Triller had raised at least $14 million from its partners. This progress saw Triller’s value rise from an estimated $130 million to approximately $1.25 billion.

Ryan Kavanaugh attributes Triller’s business venture to Google’s or Facebook’s plan. The platform helps content creators reach a broader audience on the web globally. Triller is not any ordinary entertainment platform –one of its significant attempts focused on introducing traditional boxing under the Triller’s Fight Club for boxing lovers.

A new dawn for Kavanaugh

Though Ryan Kavanaugh had written off Hollywood after Relativity’s downfall and failed several attempts to revive it, Triller’s success is his hope. Kavanaugh has approached TikTok’s top influencers like Charli D’Amelio and Josh Richards to endorse and support Triller. These influencers receive additional perks like living one of Triller’s seven houses rent-free and a leased automobile.

Cardi B, Alicia Keys, Marshmello, and the Weekend are also some of Triller’s contributors. Relativity collapsing, health issues, divorce, and unsuccessful business deals were a season that paved the way for Kavanaugh’s success. Deals like Triller and Fight Club have restored his hope about old-age life.