Tim Murawski of Augmedics Disregards the Odds with Funding Over the Coronavirus Crisis

When amid a funding round to commercialize technology approved by the FDA, everything happens well. The instrument has several interests, and the world stops because of the coronavirus interruptions. Its implementation within the medical field is headed by Tim Murawski. By March, opportunities in venture capital dry up, therefore, meaning that the funding round could be put off, thereby impacting heavily on the device launch. Determining what to do and move forward is an Augmedics scenario for the development of XVS for improved surgical image technology.


Augmedics, the IL-bound company in Chicago has its employees transforming the situation to raise money for the B series round. In a nearly unexpected move, the workers established Aug Management, a company that raised approximately $4 million of the $15 million funding round. Terralab Ventures alongside AO Invest, the existing shareholders took part in the $32 million financing round alongside other unnamed investors and transformed the other $7.8 million. Tim Murawski, the CCO, and President was informed about the available opportunity to garner sufficient money internally. 


Augmedics’ CEO and establishment, Nissan Elimelech informed MD+DI based on March instances. A declaration was made that the round should not be frozen and an alternative route should be taken to raise the finances internally from the prevailing investors and employees who are the shareholders. Tim Murawski claimed that this served as a chance to endow the company and offer the necessary cash necessary to manage operations, and advance the people off the stage, and even avail money needed for research and development. This agenda was supported by the whole US team.