The Thriving of Fortress Investment Group, A Merger and Acquisition Firm

Fortress Investment Group is a ranked global firm founded by Wes Edens in 1998. Since its founding, the company has ensured that its roots have not been altered, hence its success and positive reputation. Through sound leadership, management, and committed workers, the company began as a startup but has grown to have a net worth of $43.6 billion as of December 2017. With its headquarters in New York, Fortress Investment Group is the first US-based firm selling shares in 2007 to people. This New York-based firm’s competencies and success is contributed by the strong, experienced, dedicated, and ready-to-work management team.

Fortress Investment Group was founded primarily to offer financial support to distressed firms supporting them to achieve business success. The firm also has priorities like credit hedge funds, private credit equity, private equity, and private capital vehicle and operates globally with branches in various parts of the globe. It also focuses on acquisitions and mergers of firms. Most of its acquisitions have managed to meet business success and prosperity.

The company’s approach in evaluating the net worth of its acquisitions is the net worth approach which has proved to be of help. Similarly, the firm offers entrepreneurial advice to other businesses supporting their growth. Several companies that have benchmarked and followed the footsteps of Fortress Investment Group have grown to economic prosperity. The fortress is one of the best firms in operational management and capital marketing.

The New York based firm has grown to employing over 2400 people and having an executive team of approximately 950. The firm embraces and respects human resources. The firm offers not only a competitive ground but also a place for innovation and a learning platform. The criteria for employing workers at this firm is based on the level of skills and expertise. The employee also needs to have a clear understanding of the firm, its operations, and competencies. To know more click: here.