The Philanthropic Ventures of Joseph Ashford

Most business people have had a hand in philanthropic ventures as a way of giving back to their communities. Businessmen like Joseph Ashford who have amassed wealth through their ventures are inspiring many startups into social entrepreneurship. Joseph Ashford, the founder of K4 Global, a consultancy firm, founded Butterfly Foundation with the aim of supporting children diagnosed with Epidermolysis bullosa.

His career background shows that he is quite conversant with the cultures and struggles of many people, which might have resulted in him starting the foundation. His company, K4 Global, is headquartered in London and works to serve the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Bournemouth.

Education on Epidermolysis Bullosa

EB is a rare genetic disorder that can affect any connective tissue on children’s body parts. EB is a painful condition that has no cure and has limited treatment options. It manifests itself with symptoms such as very fragile skin that tears from minor injuries. Children with milder forms of EB can live longer lives, while those with severe forms may have disability complications. Treatment and care of EB entail pain management, daily wound care, and injury dressing.

Reason for Starting Butterfly Foundation

Joseph Ashford is a wealthy businessman who after learning about Mason White, a young boy diagnosed with EB but has an incredibly strong character, started Butterfly Foundation. The name butterfly came about from the ability of the EB to make children’s skin as delicate as butterfly wings. The condition is so rare that not many people are aware of it, hence the foundation’s purpose is to educate people on its existence.

Mason White’s living condition is quite expensive since his skin is so fragile. Consequently, leading his parents to always cover him in bandages that will prevent him from fracturing. The condition requires extensive research, which is costly to perform but is currently covered by the Butterfly Foundation.

Joseph Ashford hopes to alleviate suffering for children diagnosed with this condition. This is by offering financial support in relation to regular treatment of wounds caused by EB, especially for regions surrounding and within Bournemouth.

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