Neil Gerrard in the Growth of Dechert

Specialized attorney Neil Gerrard has taken securities litigation and white-collar practices in matters outside the United States. He Co-heads Dechert’s, where they mainly focus on criminal matters in white-collar, which emancipates from the corporate sector. According to Neil Gerrard, the specific deals with the regulation and investigations that end up in prosecutions mainly in the US, UK, and even EU. 


The regulators involved include HM Revenue and Customs, Serious Fraud Office, Department of Trade and industry, the Financial Authority, Department of Justice, and Office of Fair Trading. Neil Gerrard, for the past, got shortlisted as the Director of the Serious Fraud Office, where he appeared as the key member of the government and the part of the prosecution scheme. Neil Gerrard has extensive experience in law skills in the choice of many companies where he sat on their committees. 


It has happened all-round the countries where he instructs in the regulations that get executed when the whistleblower brings the investigations in the jurisdictions of the involved bodies. Dechert has commissioned the appointment of the specialized attorney, who will take the position as partner in the global financial structure which is based in Hong Kong. Neil Gerrard has extensive experience in the wealth of the Asian market in matters involving insolvency matters and financial structuring. 


Neil Gerrardhas had the advantage of dealing in asset sales and all cross borders issues of financings for over more than ten years. He was brought with the significant roles of ensuring the large corporates and ensuring the corporates restructuring and defaults which had a factor in the firm. In addition, Neil Gerrard made the firm expand to Asia, making the market emerge in the restructuring of the firm’s successes and general practice.