Miki Agrawal life and Achievements

Miki Agrawal is a great achiever linked with establishing major social enterprises. Miki is Indian, and her mother is Japanese. She is also an Irish triplet and identical to her twin. Miki Agrawal is also a Wall Street dropout, and sometime back, he played professional soccer. She is an OG French- Canadian, a mother, and a great author of contemporary books.

In 2018, the World Economic Forum named Miki a ‘” Young Global Leader”‘ and the “Fast Company’s Most Creative People.” The ANC also labeled her as the “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.”

Miki’s Agrawal’s key establishments include ICON, THINX, WILD, and the most recent one, TUSHY. Miki Agrawal Founded TUSHY to enhance the American bathroom experience by introducing a new, best-in-class bidet attachment. Miki intended to counter the increased use of toilet paper because they cause infections. Also, toilet paper manufacturing deteriorates environmental status due to the immense demand for trees.


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Miki Agrawal committed herself to deal with India’s defecation issues after an overwhelming trip to the country. She introduced a give-back program after establishing TUSHY, where a proportion of each TUSHY facilitates access to clean community toilets for one family in India. Miki partnered with Samagra to enhance the project’s success.

One of the significant attributes that define Miki’s course is her desire to look into matters that mainstream audiences perceive as taboo. Miki asserts that she feels intrigued to question the status quo and conventional world views. Miki always seeks to unveil whether there is a more efficient, better, artful, environmentally friendly, and more designed approach other than the conventional ones.

Miki is excited by the road to discovering new ideas, rapid improvement, and inventions. She is intrigued by the saying, “iteration is perfection.” She is proud of founding corporations making lives better by tackling taboos and changing culture. Miki’s transformation journey has taught her key lessons to share with the world.