Mark Hauser Solidifies Manufacturing Sector Deal

The article starts with discussing the manufacturing industry in the U.S and speaks on its expected growth within the coming years, segueing into discussing Hauser Private Equity owned by Mark H auser and their growing number of acquisitions with Mark Hauser spearheading the deals.

The piece then covers several of the acquisitions and goes into some details into their operations such as Sigma Electric Manufacturing and their stable standing as a company at the time of its acquisitions. It stood in the lead of Lean manufacturing and environmental health. Another example is Walker Edison which stands at the forefront of lead suppliers of affordable and innovative furniture.

There’s actually a handful of acquisitions and they are as followed: Sigma Electric Manufacturing, Walker Edison, Transportation Insight, Novipax, and Lifestyle Solutions. All of them at the height of their success and gaining a promising future under the acquisition by Mark Hauser. This is all being done with the intention of keeping them private equity’s place as a top-tier hybrid equity firm. They on keeping the good things rolling by continuing to identify prospective investment opportunities.

Hauser Private Equity was founded by Mark Hauser and Paul Swanson back in 2008 and is currently based in Cincinnati. The Private Equity group focuses on lower to middle market co-investments. Bringing in about $300 million in capital through a diverse set of businesses. Mark Hauser currently stands as both the founder and one of the managing partners.

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