Leadership and Professionalism of Peter Briger

Peter Briger has a remarkable reputation in the fiancé and investments industry due to his determination, passion, and dedication. His experience is vast since it is of over 20 years of serving in the finance and investments sector. Also, Peter pursued a bachelor’s in business administration from Princeton University and later received his master’s from Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he served at Goldman, Sachs, and Company for about 15 years. As he was serving in this firm, he played a crucial role since he was a member of various committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japan Executive Committee. In addition, he was assigned some leadership duties at Goldman like being the co-chairperson of Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, The special Opportunities (Asia) Fund, the Asian Distress Debt business.

Peter Briger is now serving at the Fortress Investment Group as one of the chairpersons of the board of directors and amongst the principals of the Fortress. Since he had a lot of experience that he gained from Goldman, Peter used the skills and knowledge he had acquired to transform Fortress and making it leading in investment management. It is evident that the role that Peter Briger plays in the Fortress Investment Group has an enormous impact towards the success of this company more so during times of global economic crises. At Fortress, Peter Briger supervises approximately 300 employees that are focused and hard work in the responsibilities that are assigned to them.

Also, it is significant to note that Fortress Investment Group was among the first companies that went public in the United States and that was led by Peter Briger and the credit was unto him. Additionally, Peter has some other roles as he serves on the board of governors at Princeton University Investment Company. Briger is a philanthropist and provides supports towards Central Park Conservancy. Forbes magazine in 2007 ranked Peter at position 317 with a net value of about $1.5 billion. Therefore, Briger has impacted Fortress Investment Group and making it achieve more in its performance since it can now manage assets of about $65 billion and more