It’s A Relief for The Fashion Industry as Ombori Tackles the Puzzle of Waste Management

Waste management has always been a puzzle across many industries. However, the fashion industry is most affected by this quagmire. It has been depicted that the fashion industry across the globe contributes waste estimated to be over 92 million tons annually. On the other hand, the fashion industry in the United States contributes to the biggest percentage of this waste with an estimate of 17 million tons annually. Recently, the adverse effects of climate change have affected a significant number of people globally. Thus people have taken it upon themselves to tackle waste management with every means possible. This is the reason that retailers and consumers in the textile industry have started demanding a change.

In recent times, Ombori company has been in the limelight due to its magnificent contribution to waste management in the fashion industry. The company has introduced advanced smart technology to help tackle the quagmire in the fashion industry. Ombori is committed to delivering sustainable elucidations by the use of utmost popular products. Queue management is one of the solutions that the company seeks to use to combat waste management in the fashion industry. This solution seeks to permanently remove paper ticketing needs but instead offers an option for customers to join an online queue.

Ombori Digital Signage is another solution that the company has introduced to combat waste management. This solution allows companies across industries to replace the use of paper signs. The solution advocates for the reduction of disposable paper products that include informational brochures, location updates, and menus. Omni Visit is another solution that Ombori significantly adopts. This solution is geared towards vehemently meeting the needs of online and in-person customers. The solution enhances digital interactions leading to the reduction of wasted resources that are associated with the management of appointments. Wayfinder is another solution that Ombori seeks to use in combating waste management in the fashion arena.

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