Securus Technologies contributes mightily to prison budgets across the country

It is a peculiarity of the United States that many of the nation’s prisons have long been more or less self-sufficient. This tradition of self-sufficiency began in the Southern part of the United States throughout the late 1800s and the 20th century. Prisons, often extremely strapped for cash, ended up finding creative means of raising the revenues that they needed to survive. This often involved such things as leasing out convicts for day labor on various projects, including public works projects, as well as allowing the inmates to run prison farms, livestock operations and other means of providing food, clothing and other basic necessities to the prison itself.


It is no surprise, based on this context, that today’s modern prisons often still feel strong pressures to become self-reliant in economic terms. All too often, state and local budgets simply do not have the extra cash to hand out to prisons. This leads to overcrowding, particularly exacerbated in such areas as California, where the inmate population has exploded over the last 20 to 30 years.


One of the ways in which prisons have begun to solve the self-sufficiency issue in the modern context is through the use of commissions being paid on outgoing phone calls. Prisoners making phone calls are a major source of revenues for almost all prisons in the United States today, with the total estimated volume of inmate calls exceeding $1 billion annually. Companies such as Securus Technologies, the leading inmate communications provider in the United States, are able to operate based on contracts that are awarded according to the company’s ability to pay back commissions to the institution in which it is allowed to operate.


Under this system, Securus has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the prisons in which it is allowed to operate. This has created tremendous value for the prisons where Securus run to the phones.


Securus Technologies Strives to Make the World Safer

Securus Technologies are one the forefront of providing crime-solving technology to law enforcement units for better execution of investigations and safety procedures. It is a fact that technology has a big part to play when it comes to making the world safer. The fact that criminals and law breakers are using technology to get ahead only makes it sensible to stay ahead of the perpetrators Securus has come up with quite some crime tech software and devices that have gone a long way not only to solve a crime before it happens but make incarceration centers easier to handle.

The company is set in Dallas, Texas handling more than 3450 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies with over 1.2 million inmates all across North America. Securus Technologies provides emergency response, investigation, public information, biometric analysis, data management, communication, monitoring products, and services as well as inmate self-service platforms for the purpose of making the world a safer place for all. The company focuses and connecting what matters at the end of the day making it possible to pinpoint crime and perpetrators real time.

In a recent press release, Securus divulged some of the feedback that they have been getting from some of the users of the tech right from law enforcement to prisons. The feedback also opened up the world to the reality on the ground especially when it comes to correctional facilities where crime extends to the inside. The tech has so far helped authorities counter contraband, corruption and planned escapes from the prisons by monitoring the devices and communication channels available in the facilities. They have also managed to track down perpetrators and criminals through their phones and surveillance shortening the time taken to make arrests. The tech is no doubt the future of handling crime. More law enforcement’s units are getting onboard, and it seems like just a matter of time before Securus Technologies goes global on crime solving software.