End Citizens United Makes Wave with Large Fundraising Numbers.

The fight against dark money in politics has been raging on for years and it is a problem that seems to only be growing. Dark money in politics received a huge boost in the arm in 2010 when a conservative right wing group by the name of Citizens United argued before the Supreme Court for looser restrictions and regulations regarding money in campaigns. Inexplicably, Citizens United won out and as a result Washington D.C. is more corrupt than ever. There is one group, among many, that has been focused on fighting against this problem: End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a political action committee established by President Tiffany Muller in order to champion campaign finance reform.


There have been many different committees established since 2010 when Citizens United argued before the Supreme Court. While these committees have done incremental justice, none of them has come as far as End Citizens United. End Citizens United has been fueled by the rage that regular every day Americans feel toward the political machine working without consideration for their thoughts, feelings, and more importantly their votes. The election of Donald Trump to POTUS has only exacerbated one of the biggest existential threats facing the American political machine. As a result, End Citizens United has ramped up their fundraising in order to try and make a difference in the coming 2018 Congressional Elections.


Through the first quarter of 2017 End Citizens United has seen a historic rise in donations to their cause. Through the first three months of the year End Citizens United has managed to earn a stunning $4 million in fundraising. This money will be used to get the message out about how important it is to end Citizens United while also detailing the different politicians who are willing to stand up for campaign finance reform. Among those politicians is United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse who recently earned an endorsement from Muller and the team at End Citizens United. Whitehouse has been an advocate for the fight against dark money and special interests in politics and he will use End Citizens United’s support to help his re-election in 2018.


Over the first quarter of 2017 the PAC has seen nearly 100,000 different people all donate to the cause. Of that number almost half of them have put their time where their wallets are in order to donate their actual presence to spreading the word. Muller says that the rise in donations is due in large part to Trump’s election. Muller goes on to explain that the majority of her donors look at this as a way to fight back against Donald Trump and his aggressive, destructive and regressive regime in Washington D.C.