Jeremy Goldstein: Leading Corporate Lawyer

The New York State Bar Association has just introduced a new way for the public to find an appropriate attorney who can help them with their legal issues. They launched their new website recently, and made it accessible to the public. Its website address is at, and it is available 24 hours a day. The people can now choose between calling the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) and accessing the portal. The results will still be the same, however, as they will be partnered to the best attorney that could help them. Basically, what happens when someone accessed the portal will be first, they are given a questionnaire that they have to fill out; next, the questionnaire will be reviewed by the state bar staff, and will be assigned to a lawyer who lives nearby; if the client lives within one of the 17 counties with the local LRIS, the request will be forwarded to the most appropriate bar association in the county; these referral service will be at no cost for the client, but a $35 fee will be charged when a 30 minute consultation takes place. However, there will be exceptions; lastly, clients have the right not to retain the lawyer. The public and the attorneys alike are looking forward to the online service, citing how successful the phone service was, they are optimistic that the online portal will be received positively.


Jeremy Goldstein is just one of the lawyers who can be contacted through this method. Jeremy Goldstein specializes in issues related to corporate and executive matters, and has been practicing for some time. He is a proud partner of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, which is a private law firm that has handled some of the biggest corporate transactions in the last 10 years. It includes a series of acquisitions, and other related transactions.


Jeremy Goldstein is also serving as the chair for the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee, and has been writing and very vocal when it comes to issues about corporate and executive compensation. He is also recognized as one of the top lawyers when it comes to this matter, as his name is printed in several publications across the country. Jeremy Goldstein is a proud graduate of New York University, University of Chicago, and Cornell University.

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