Fabletics Proves The Reverse Showroom Technique Works

Amazon is an online powerhouse that has gained success in a wide variety of categories. For example, Amazon controls about 20 percent of the eCommerce fashion market. Therefore, it is difficult for smaller startups to really compete with Amazon. However, Fabletics is changing the game. They are taking on the much larger Amazon and winning a sizable share of the eCommerce fashion market. Actress, Kate Hudson, is a co-founder of Fabletics. Many are wondering about the way that her company gained such a sizable share of the eCommerce fashion market. It was simple. Fabletics used the reverse show room technique.


The Reverse Show Room Technique

Fabletics is all about empowering women to live a healthier lifestyle. Often, it begins with feeling comfortable in your clothing. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has answered that call by providing decidedly fashionable active-wear to women in a subscription based online service. The high quality fashions produced by the company have attracted thousands of women to their website daily. Women browse the site and discover exclusive fashionable clothing that they would like to explore more. They like what they see on the website and visit a Fabletics physical store in their community. In fact, up to 50 percent of the women that visit the physical Fabletics stores are already subscription members.


Kate Hudson & Fabletics

Let’s take a look at Fabletics background to understand Kate Hudson’s take on the online subscription service that is opening up physical stores across the country. The store was founded in 2013. The clothing line was created to help empower women to live a healthier lifestyle. The clothing company grew considerable over the last few years and is now a $250 million dollar success story. Kate Hudson has kept a close watch on Fabletics and is aware of their daily activities and statistics. Some might think that Hudson is joining the business-world and abandoning acting. Kate still insists that her number one love is acting. However, she is very proud of Fabletics and the things the company has accomplished in the fashion world.


Kate Hudson & The Lifestyle Quiz

Are you a runner? Do you like to jog? Perhaps, cycling is your go to sport’s activity. Kate Hudson would like to encourage women to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz. Taking the quiz only takes a few minutes. The quiz results are studied and Fabletics is able to supply personalized outfits to compliment your workouts and lifestyle.