Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Standing Tall For Women

Bumble is the most popular dating app in today’s generation for numerous reasons. One of them being that the app is growing and reaching out to more people.

It’s the less-sleazy version of Tinder; not to mention the first of its kind that favors the role of women in dating. Gone are the days when women needed to be approached and men had to initiate. This app takes that away and mixes it up.

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When a lady swipes right on a guy and the guy swipes right back, the way to keep the match is for the guy to wait on a message from the girl. If she doesn’t respond, the match is gone after 24 hours. If a girl has sent a message but the guy doesn’t respond within 24 hours, then it is gone as well. The app is meant to be a way for women to stand tall and be encouraged to make the right and be the one in control. It’s such a fun app that Whitney Wolfe felt was needed for this generation.

Millions of matches have already been made, and countless conversations take place every single day between all sexual identities. Whitney Wolfe has long been a woman of encouragement for other girls. Creating a social network a couple years before before Bumble was formed to give young girls a place to encourage one another and build each other up. Today, her dating app Bumble is paving the way for women to stand up again inhibitions and be a place where they can take a stand as the one who makes decisions.

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