The Commitments Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi At The Bank Of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has an outstanding record in the banking and insurance sector. Like some few successful people, Luiz Carlos started his professional journey as a clerk. Trabuco Cappi rose too fast to become the vice president and later the president at Bradesco due to his hardworking nature. In fact, in the Brazilian history, there has never been such a diligent individual in the banking sector. Besides, he has been actively involved in critical government projects. Luiz Carlos has been actively working for the privately owned Bradesco Company for close to 40 years now. Actually, his impressive records in the banking and insurance sector speak for itself.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has always portrayed diligence and determination in many occasions. Under his administration either as a Vice President or President at Bradesco, he has always led by example. As a key figure in the banking sector, Trabuco Cappi was at some appointed by the government to monitor some of the sensitive projects that were believed to yield billions of money. Many at times, it is difficult to entrust government projects to some of these banking experts but Trabuco Cappiā€™s case is completely different. He is one man with a serious concern and commitment with a desire to move the Brazilian banking sector to the next level.


The privately owned Bradesco bank has only had four presidents. Having been operated for close to 75 years now, it is quite impressive because some banks change CEOs after a very short while. To Bradesco, it was a privilege for Trabuco Cappi to work for them by taking charge from the 64-year old Cypriano. Immediately, he took control of Bradesco he structured strategies that were intended to benefit both the organization and their clients. He is one person who believes in the importance of customer satisfaction. Within a short time, he gained recognition by receiving lots of awards for his impressive work. Additionally, he has in several instances emphasized the importance of having a strong banking sector as it boosts the economy of a nation.

Unlike other CEOs, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi gives his work the first priority. Besides, this might be the reason why some people know little about him; fame is not his way. As a matter of fact, his reliability and a great concern for work is a thing most organizations yarn for. Since he started working at Bradesco, many organizations have shown their interest in him but he has constantly disappointed them. Luiz Carlos is one loyal individual the Brazilian nation has ever had. Interestingly, his loyalty at some time makes people believe that he can only work for Bradesco in his entire life.

A part from being the President of the privately owned Bradesco, he is also an entrepreneur. In the year 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was perceived by Dinheiro as the business person of the year. He was named the Entrepreneur of the year after the execution a business deal worth $ 5.2 million. He obtained an HSBC Brazilian Branch that caused a major impact in that the shares of Bradesco and HSBC by affecting Banco de Deus to outflank the Itau Unibanco in three major segments of operations i.e. branch systems, the quantity of record holders and aggregate venture resources. Actually, his recognition has not just come easily. Additionally, his prosperity is credited to his ability to acknowledge other individuals’ perspectives at whatever point they air them. However, he does not give credit to jokers; he means business in everything he does especially when work is involved. Truth be told, Luiz Carlos has continuously progressed in his professional duties.

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