Madison Street Capital – article recap

An awards gala for companies in different industries which stood out in their fields. Madison Street Capital is one such company because of their success in offering excellent financial services for corporate mergers, business valuation products, acquisitions, and other financial style offerings. Madison Street Capital is a banking firm that deals with national and international global investments.


Wealthy clients look to Madison Street Capital to keep their market portfolios growing with valuable investment assets. Because of their reputation in the investment market, Madison Street Capital was nominated for the 16th Annual M & A Advisor Award. This global gala took place at the New York Metropolitan Club, New York, N.Y., on November 13, 2017.


The M & A Advisor Award recognizes corporate leaders in distinct categories. The M & A Advisor Award is held in conjunction with the M & A Advisor Summit gathering which features more than 500 industry professionals coming together in various forums in the field of academics, the media industry, and many other industry giants.


The M & A Advisor Awards has been awarding industry leaders for over 20 years. The M & A organization began in 1998 in recognizing leading professionals in their collaborative achievements in mergers and acquisitions. M & A itself is a prestigious firm that delivers a range of mixed financial services from their locations in New York and London.


Madison Street Capital is an investment firm whose clients recognized them as providing unflappable dedication to their goals, while continuing to maintain a high level professional benchmarks. It is no wonder that Madison Street Capital was named a finalist in the category of ‘Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.’ Madison Street Capital was also acknowledged as the ‘Financials Deal of the Year,’ and a winner for the ‘Debt Financing Deal of the Year.’


David Fergusson the President and Co-CEO of M & A Advisors Award said that it is always a pleasure to honor Madison Street Capital because they represent the best in the 2017 industry awards, plus Madison has earned its outstanding honors among so many remarkable candidates. Then Charles Botchway, CEO and Founder, thanked the Awards committee, followed by endorsing his Senior Managing Director, Barry Peterson, for his leadership in the WLR Automotive transaction.

Betsy DeVos Champions Reformation in United States Department of Education

Betsy DeVos has spent the better part of her professional career working to change the very way education is seen in the United States of America. DeVos is a reformer, activist, and conservative icon known for her stance on school choice programs. School choice is a conceptual riff off of the writings of Milton Friedman which explored the role of government in the place of education. School choice seeks to publicly fund institutes in order to give the schoolmasters more heading over how the educational program is actually implemented. DeVos has helped to turn school choice into a national conversation after relatively humble origins. Now, she is the standing Secretary of Education in the fresh Trump Administration. What else is there to know about this new right-wing icon? Learn more here:


Well, for starters, Betsy DeVos comes from Holland, Michigan which is a city located on the western edge of the state. She was born and raised in a small Dutch community and during her formative years, she became fond of the church, conservative values, and her role as an inspiration for change in the United States. DeVos would go to Calvin College and she would begin to really hone in on the political concepts that would later guide her down life’s path while simultaneously sharpening her future political prowess.


As the ‘new kid on the block’ in Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos has to weigh both her freshman status and her need to implement sweeping changes during her time in the position. Tied to the health of the Trump Administration, Betsy DeVos knows that she has to get to work pursuing the Presidential agenda while simultaneously standing up for what she believes in and not caving to every expectation of her own political party. Thankfully, Betsy DeVos has never been one to kowtow to expectation. Mike Cox, a former AG at the state level as well as a prominent Republican, says that Betsy DeVos is able to really “instill fear in a lot of people“. Cox goes on to explain that DeVos’ confidence and determination make her a worthy adversary in even the most veteran of political circles.


For Betsy DeVos to make an impression in Washington D.C., she’ll have to live up to the expectations that Mike Cox and the rest of the Republican party have laid out for her. DeVos has to continue being a vocal and prominent figure in the fight for educational reform and she must be willing to stand across from any number of political adversaries in order to make it happen. If we cite DeVos’ success in the school choice movement as a predictor of her future efforts in D.C., then things look to be in pretty good shape. DeVos has helped to get school choice trending around the country with more than 17 states picking up on the concepts and 33 institutions being opened up in their footsteps. The majority of these institutions are located right in her home state of Michigan at the time of this writing.

Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC Properties Become Leaders Among The UAE Community

The DAMAC Properties group is fast developing a reputation for the key role they are playing among the community of the United Arab Emirates where the luxury real estate company has begun to play a key role in the development of the nation for the future. Over the course of the last few years, the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has become a key figure working towards the development of the nation with the aid of various groups such as the Red Crescent humanitarian group which has developed various humanitarian and philanthropic programs across the Middle East.


Across the Dubai area, the name of Hussain Sajwani has become a sign of quality and success for many people who have worked with the various companies the former finance executive has developed in different industrial sectors. Now worth an estimated $4 billion by Forbes, Hussain Sajwani has become famous for his luxury real estate company but has also developed a successful food services business and chain of mid-market hotels over the course of his career; beginning in the 1980s, Hussain Sajwani set out to build his entrepreneurial skills across a range of different industries including the food services industry within the oil and gas exploration sector he was working within as a financial expert.


The emergence of the career of the luxury real estate developer has seen Hussain Sajwani take his family on a range of different meetings and events with some of the worlds most important business leaders and politicians. Among those Hussain Sajwani calls his business colleague is President Donald Trump, a partnership between the U.S. President and Sajwani has built up over the years since they began their business relationship in 2013. Hussain Sajwani has also found himself at the heart of the personal life of Donald Trump who invited Sajwani to his annual New Year’s Eve party in Florida in 2016 and was personally thanked by the Commander-in-Chief for his attendance and his friendship over the last few years.


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Fabletics Proves The Reverse Showroom Technique Works

Amazon is an online powerhouse that has gained success in a wide variety of categories. For example, Amazon controls about 20 percent of the eCommerce fashion market. Therefore, it is difficult for smaller startups to really compete with Amazon. However, Fabletics is changing the game. They are taking on the much larger Amazon and winning a sizable share of the eCommerce fashion market. Actress, Kate Hudson, is a co-founder of Fabletics. Many are wondering about the way that her company gained such a sizable share of the eCommerce fashion market. It was simple. Fabletics used the reverse show room technique.


The Reverse Show Room Technique

Fabletics is all about empowering women to live a healthier lifestyle. Often, it begins with feeling comfortable in your clothing. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has answered that call by providing decidedly fashionable active-wear to women in a subscription based online service. The high quality fashions produced by the company have attracted thousands of women to their website daily. Women browse the site and discover exclusive fashionable clothing that they would like to explore more. They like what they see on the website and visit a Fabletics physical store in their community. In fact, up to 50 percent of the women that visit the physical Fabletics stores are already subscription members.


Kate Hudson & Fabletics

Let’s take a look at Fabletics background to understand Kate Hudson’s take on the online subscription service that is opening up physical stores across the country. The store was founded in 2013. The clothing line was created to help empower women to live a healthier lifestyle. The clothing company grew considerable over the last few years and is now a $250 million dollar success story. Kate Hudson has kept a close watch on Fabletics and is aware of their daily activities and statistics. Some might think that Hudson is joining the business-world and abandoning acting. Kate still insists that her number one love is acting. However, she is very proud of Fabletics and the things the company has accomplished in the fashion world.


Kate Hudson & The Lifestyle Quiz

Are you a runner? Do you like to jog? Perhaps, cycling is your go to sport’s activity. Kate Hudson would like to encourage women to take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz. Taking the quiz only takes a few minutes. The quiz results are studied and Fabletics is able to supply personalized outfits to compliment your workouts and lifestyle.

Hotelier And Business Mogul Shiraz Boghani

If you haven’t heard of Shiraz Boghani, he is the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, which has been named one of the fastest growing hospitality groups in the UK.

In addition, Boghani is also the recipient of the 2016 Asian Business Award for Hotelier of the Year, which is not surprising considering his portfolio of hotels. The Splendid Hospitality Group is comprised of several hotels including the York, the Conrad London St. James, Grand Hotel & Spa, and the Holiday Inn London, as well as the recently acquired New Ellington Hotel and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

In addition to his success in the hotel industry, Shiraz Boghani is also the Co-founder of Sussex Health Care, a New England health group that provides care for the elderly and specialist care for those with learning or physical disabilities. According to the healthcare’s website, Sussex Health Care has achieved an international standard ISO 9000:2000. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Well, it is an international standard that measures the safety, reliability, and quality of goods and services offered by a business entity. Sussex Health Care’s ability to achieve this milestone has made them one of the most sought-after independent care providers in the UK.

There are a number of things, in addition to industry-leading care that differentiates Sussex Health Care from its competitors. For example, the health group prides themselves on their use of specialized equipment and facilities to provide unparalleled treatment to those in need of palliative and neurological care, as well as those who suffer from dementia. In addition, Sussex Health Care routinely partners with local colleges to help develop individualized educational programs, aimed at improving patient care.

As a Kenyan national, Shiraz Boghani’s rise to prominence in the business arena is one that deserves recognition; after migrating from Kenya to the UK in 1969, Boghani began his career with KPMG, where he worked as an accountant. In the 1980s, Shiraz Boghani decided to pursue entrepreneurship, which led to him becoming the founder and managing partner of Sussex Health Care in 1985 and the founder of Splendid Hospitality Group, in 1986.

Although Shiraz Boghani is best known for his business acumen, he also involves himself in a number of charitable projects as well; he is a resource development convener for the Aga Khan Foundation and a member of the National Council for the Ismaili Community.

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Nutrisystem Launches New Diet Plan Aimed at Men


Very few companies place an emphasis on androcentrism when it comes to marketing their diet plans, but perhaps they should; men and women are obviously different, both from a physiological standpoint and in their perceptions, when it comes to dieting. Therefore, it stands to reason that a diet plan aimed specifically at men would be more effective, than one that was designed to be universal. Nutrisystem, a provider of weight loss products and services, has acknowledged this fact and as a result, has launched Nutrisystem for Men.

So, what makes this plan so different? Well, Nutrisystem took into consideration that men lose weight differently than women, they recognized that men have a higher percentage of muscle mass, which works to naturally boost metabolism. This means that men can take in more calories than women, and still lose weight, which enables Nutrisystem to create diet plans calculated just for men.


Obviously, some people may perceive this article as being sexist, but Nutrisystem’s male-centric approach is rooted in science; women produce a higher percentage of estrogen, making it much more difficult for them to lose weight. While men, on the other hand, have a smaller percentage of estrogen and a higher degree of testosterone, which makes it possible for them to build muscle and lose weight.

Now that we have addressed the physiological differences between men and women, how does Nutrisystem, as a diet plan, help men achieve a healthy weight? It comes down to caloric intake. Nutrisystem recognizes that in order for men to start losing weight they will have to be restricted to 1500 calories per day.


So, what foods can you eat based on this calorie cap? Fortunately, Nutrisystem for Men has a robust assortment of healthy and delicious tasting foods to choose from including meatballs in marinara sauce, tuna melts, waffles, pancakes, mushroom stuffed chicken breast, and much, much more. For those who are interested in achieving results even faster, Nutrisystem offers a diet plan referred to as “Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men.”

This particular plan is aimed at those interested in turbocharging their weight loss journey; it is designed to help men achieve results in as little as 7 days and is comprised of custom designed meals, protein shakes, and protein bars. After the 7 days, you will continue with the Nutrisystem for Men diet plan. According to Nutrisystem, men can expect to lose as much as 13 pounds within the first month, if they combine both diet systems.

Stream Energy Features among the top ten most trusted retail electric providers

Stream Energy featured among the top ten most trusted retail electric providers (REPs) in Texas in a recent conducted by Market Strategies International. The new study conducted by Market Strategies International conducted a study on 52 REPs in Texas where they interviewed 5,881 customers to rank the 52 retail electric providers ( The Market Research International used various factors to list the electric companies based in Texas. The nine elements put into consideration during the ranking include community support, communications effectiveness, customer focus, local reputation, environmental dedication, reliable quality, enhanced offerings, competitive rates, billing and customer service.


The findings of the study were published in Cogent Reports of 2017. According to the survey, one of the main factors that impact on brand trust is the community and customer-based activities that a company engages in. According to the study, companies ought to actively participate in community-based activities especially in the wake of calamities such as the Hurricane Harvey.


Chris Oberle, the senior vice president at Market Strategies International, noted that Texans want companies that will stick with them through thick and thin. The companies that come to the aid of residents, especially in times of tragedies, are rewarded with a higher customer loyalty and trust. They, in turn, achieve massive success in their endeavors, which sets them apart from their competitors.


Recently, Stream Energy donated 25 million dollars to the American Red Cross in support of the work that American Redcross was doing to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The company also announced that it would waive energy bills for individuals who were caught up in the devastating hurricane. The Stream Energy also announced that it would waive the calling fees for all the International calls made by individuals affected by the Hurricane Irma.


In his statement, Stream Energy CEO Larry Mondry noted that they were happy to see the results of the study that ranked their company at position ten. He promised that Stream Energy would continue to offer exceptional services to their customers.


About Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a premier provider of connected life services in Texas. The company was established in 2005, and it is based in Dallas, Texas ( Stream Energy has utilized direct selling to reach to their customers. The company has already generated more than eight billion dollars since it was established 12 years ago.

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Jorge Moll Speaks about the Changing Trends in Brazilian Healthcare Industry

Brazilian healthcare industry has seen widespread changes in the recent years. Thanks to a number of dedicated hospital networks with visionary leadership and the middle-class Brazilians who demanded high-quality healthcare and raised their bar of expectation on a regular basis. While coming to hospital networks, Dr. Jorge Moll is a name no one in Brazilian healthcare industry can forget. He is the founder of well-known Rede D Or São Luiz, one of the largest network of hospitals in Brazil. Dr. Moll is also a cardiologist, and the group has over 30 hospitals across the major cities of Brazil.


Recently, he spoke about the changing trends in the Brazilian healthcare sector. According to him, healthcare industry across the world is grabbing technology innovation to give advanced treatment options and patient care. He continues that Brazil is also no different, and it is well-understood with the efficiency of new technologies. For instance, smartphones are getting increasingly integrated into healthcare and help people to access their medical records and appointment booking through the dedicated apps of the hospitals. Dr. Moll also added that various players in the industry, such as hospital networks, investors, research houses, venture capitalists, and more are joining hands in the movements.


Dr. Moll also thinks that the concept of highest quality is a demand from the majority of the Brazilian people. A significant percentage of people also demand luxury healthcare solutions ( Dr. Moll says that it is the reason why Rede D Or São Luiz’s Copa Star became a grand success. Though it was opened by the end of 2016, the five-star hospital has created a wave in Rio with service excellence, quality care, and world-class facilities. In the hospital, patients experience the technology innovation, woody tone aroma, carefully created natural lights, spacious lobbies, personal care, most modern equipment, artworks of Japanese painter Yutaka in the rooms and corridors, and more.


With the impressive success of Copa Star, Dr. Moll said that the network is planning to spread the idea of world-class healthcare with five-star luxury to all the major cities of Brazil (Diasdacruz). He further added that it has started works to set up branches of Copa Star in Brasília and São Paulo.


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Jeremy Goldstein’s Legal Advice on Employee Benefits

There are many ways of compensating, retaining or attracting employees. Among them is the use of employee stock options. Whereas they may be deemed to be favorable, numerous businesses and corporations are getting rid of them by ceasing to provide them to their employees. Some of the reasons behind the decision to scrap the use of employee stock options include additional accounting burdens, instability of options value since they are dependent on ideal economic conditions, and that employees can fail to exercise their options if the stock value falls significantly.


All the same, there are also different situations where stock options are ideal for the employees. For instance, in a scenario where the businesses or corporations share value rises incredibly, personal earning increase as well due to the higher value of the stocks. Accordingly, all the staff devotes their time and skills unreservedly to see that the corporation grows. If a firm wants to reap the benefits of stock options, it must use a perfect strategy such as the Knockout one. Although Knockout options are not guaranteed to provide an overall solution to everything, they help maneuver main obstacles linked with stock-based compensation. Jeremy Goldstein is a professional attorney who partners with corporations to help them pick the best employee benefits system through legal and acceptable ways.


Today, Jeremy Goldstein is one of the active partners at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Basically, it can be described as a boutique law firm that advises management teams, CEOs, and compensation committees in executive compensation and other governance matters. Before becoming a partner of the above-mentioned law-firm, Jeremy Goldstein was an active partner in the execution of roles in Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History, and master’s degree on the same obtained from the University of Chicago. Between 1996 and 1999, Jeremy Goldstein was a student at the New York University School of Law.


The knowledge, experience, and works of Mr. Jeremy Goldstein have made him be recognized and listed as one of the leading executive compensation attorneys in The Legal 500. Some of the significant involvement he has been involved in include the acquisition of Sanofi-Aventis by Genzyme, Goodrich by United Technologies, and the Dow Chemical Company by Rohm and Haas Company. Besides being a member of different professional advisory boards, Jeremy Goldstein has been a volunteer at Fountain House, a recovery home for people with mental illnesses, since 2008.


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Sussex Healthcare: the Leading Facility in the Provision of Specialized Care in the UK

Sussex Healthcare is a nursing home that provides customized care to various people. This award-winning health center has been operational for more than two decades. Sussex Healthcare works in collaboration with a dedicated team of professionals who endeavor to provide world-class services. Sussex Healthcare offers a broad range of services including:

  • Care for older people
  • Dementia care
  • Neurological care
  • Specialized care for people with learning disabilities

Sussex Healthcare operates a nursing and residential center. The organization takes care of people with diverse needs, such as autism, acquired brain injury, neurological conditions dementia, and multiple learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare uses the latest technologies to ensure that they improve the quality of life of the people they serve. This organization also provides other additional services such as hydrotherapy rooms, gymnasium, day-care, and sensory rooms. Sussex Healthcare’s commitment to the people it serves is what makes it stand out in the industry.

About Sussex Healthcare nursing home

The group of people that benefit significantly from Sussex Healthcare services is the elderly. This organization runs activities that ensure that the old explore their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social capacity. Among the events the elderly engage in include cookery, quizzes, art therapy, reminiscence sessions, dance, and handicrafts. Individuals residing at Sussex Nursing Home also have access to various treatments, including reflexology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. Sussex Healthcare also provides the old with a comfortable and safe environment. The facility also has world-class chefs who prepare quality, healthy, and tasty meals.

Sussex Healthcare role in providing neurological care

Sussex Healthcare is also known to provide excellent neurological care. This facility offers attention to groups of people suffering from conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Neurone Disease, Brain injury, and Parkinson Disease. Sussex Healthcare works with a team of specialists to ensure that the needs of various patients are met. Additionally, the health center also works in collaboration with the National Hospital for Neurology, St. Thomas Hospitals, and the Royal Hospital for Neurological Disorders and Guys. Sussex Healthcare is committed to ensuring that its clients get all the services they require to live longer and healthier lives.