Hotelier And Business Mogul Shiraz Boghani

If you haven’t heard of Shiraz Boghani, he is the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group, which has been named one of the fastest growing hospitality groups in the UK.

In addition, Boghani is also the recipient of the 2016 Asian Business Award for Hotelier of the Year, which is not surprising considering his portfolio of hotels. The Splendid Hospitality Group is comprised of several hotels including the York, the Conrad London St. James, Grand Hotel & Spa, and the Holiday Inn London, as well as the recently acquired New Ellington Hotel and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

In addition to his success in the hotel industry, Shiraz Boghani is also the Co-founder of Sussex Health Care, a New England health group that provides care for the elderly and specialist care for those with learning or physical disabilities. According to the healthcare’s website, Sussex Health Care has achieved an international standard ISO 9000:2000. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Well, it is an international standard that measures the safety, reliability, and quality of goods and services offered by a business entity. Sussex Health Care’s ability to achieve this milestone has made them one of the most sought-after independent care providers in the UK.

There are a number of things, in addition to industry-leading care that differentiates Sussex Health Care from its competitors. For example, the health group prides themselves on their use of specialized equipment and facilities to provide unparalleled treatment to those in need of palliative and neurological care, as well as those who suffer from dementia. In addition, Sussex Health Care routinely partners with local colleges to help develop individualized educational programs, aimed at improving patient care.

As a Kenyan national, Shiraz Boghani’s rise to prominence in the business arena is one that deserves recognition; after migrating from Kenya to the UK in 1969, Boghani began his career with KPMG, where he worked as an accountant. In the 1980s, Shiraz Boghani decided to pursue entrepreneurship, which led to him becoming the founder and managing partner of Sussex Health Care in 1985 and the founder of Splendid Hospitality Group, in 1986.

Although Shiraz Boghani is best known for his business acumen, he also involves himself in a number of charitable projects as well; he is a resource development convener for the Aga Khan Foundation and a member of the National Council for the Ismaili Community.

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Nutrisystem Launches New Diet Plan Aimed at Men


Very few companies place an emphasis on androcentrism when it comes to marketing their diet plans, but perhaps they should; men and women are obviously different, both from a physiological standpoint and in their perceptions, when it comes to dieting. Therefore, it stands to reason that a diet plan aimed specifically at men would be more effective, than one that was designed to be universal. Nutrisystem, a provider of weight loss products and services, has acknowledged this fact and as a result, has launched Nutrisystem for Men.

So, what makes this plan so different? Well, Nutrisystem took into consideration that men lose weight differently than women, they recognized that men have a higher percentage of muscle mass, which works to naturally boost metabolism. This means that men can take in more calories than women, and still lose weight, which enables Nutrisystem to create diet plans calculated just for men.


Obviously, some people may perceive this article as being sexist, but Nutrisystem’s male-centric approach is rooted in science; women produce a higher percentage of estrogen, making it much more difficult for them to lose weight. While men, on the other hand, have a smaller percentage of estrogen and a higher degree of testosterone, which makes it possible for them to build muscle and lose weight.

Now that we have addressed the physiological differences between men and women, how does Nutrisystem, as a diet plan, help men achieve a healthy weight? It comes down to caloric intake. Nutrisystem recognizes that in order for men to start losing weight they will have to be restricted to 1500 calories per day.


So, what foods can you eat based on this calorie cap? Fortunately, Nutrisystem for Men has a robust assortment of healthy and delicious tasting foods to choose from including meatballs in marinara sauce, tuna melts, waffles, pancakes, mushroom stuffed chicken breast, and much, much more. For those who are interested in achieving results even faster, Nutrisystem offers a diet plan referred to as “Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men.”

This particular plan is aimed at those interested in turbocharging their weight loss journey; it is designed to help men achieve results in as little as 7 days and is comprised of custom designed meals, protein shakes, and protein bars. After the 7 days, you will continue with the Nutrisystem for Men diet plan. According to Nutrisystem, men can expect to lose as much as 13 pounds within the first month, if they combine both diet systems.