Hauser Insurance Enters Into Buyout Deal

Hauser Insurance offers private equity firms & their portfolio companies a variety of insurance solutions, including M&A advice and due diligence, insurance placements for all types of business risks, employee benefits consultation, and 401(k) plan adherence. The firm was founded 50 years ago by the Hauser family. Under the leadership of Mark Hauser & James Stines, it has developed a significant specialty in M&A and security advisory services for the venture capital business. James Stines will continue to lead HAUSER from its home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Barrett Brown, Director of Brown & Brown Consumer Division, said, “Mark and James have built an amazing team at Hauser Insurance that provides quality care for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.” Because they can provide a package of care from initial investigative work to risk management solutions, HAUSER personnel can provide their customers with expertise, service, and outcomes. We’re ecstatic to bring together the HAUSER team’s knowledge and concentration on private equity with Brown & Brown’s solutions that help our combined customers.”

“This company has been in my family for 50 years,” Mark Hauser explained. We’re rather pleased with the culture we’ve created. We put together the best staff in the industry. It was vital that indeed they continue to build a solid organization. Powell, Barrett, and Brown & Brown are certainly the perfect caretakers of our history. I would want to thank all of our teammates, clients, and insurance firms for their continuous support over the years.”

“This sale marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Hauser Insurance,” said James Stines. We’re ecstatic about what we’ve accomplished. Our collaboration with Brown & Brown will improve our capacity to serve our clients and venture capital partners with the most comprehensive insurance risk management solutions.

We’re looking forward to combining our specialized knowledge and excellent customer service with Brown & Brown’s extensive resources and nationwide expertise.

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