Fashion And Charity- Kfir Gavrieli

It is said that some people are good in business the same way others are naturally good at putting smiles on the faces of others. For the people who love charity, helping others in their everyday routine, use their time, energy, resources, and intelligence. With the advancement in technology, the chances of helping others are now limitless.

Kfir Gavrieli is an excellent example of an individual who is good at business and helping others using his resources, time, and energy. Kri is the founder and the Chief Executive of Office Tieks, the number one fashion brand that sells its products online.

Tieks is known for manufacturing and distributing its flat ballet shoes purely online; the company is known for its high quality, comfortable and affordable flat shoes. Tieks is named among the top companies that have to succeed in the fashion industry without brick-and-mortar outlets. Since its inception in 2010, Tieks has continued to expand its services across the globe.

However, Kfir Gavrieli is not an ordinary entrepreneur who only focuses on establishing a successful company. Instead, he is also involved in community work. Mr. Gavrieli is the founder of the Gavrieli Foundation, an organization with a mandate to empower women worldwide. Gavrieli Foundation has partnered with KIVA to offer loans to women. According to records, the foundation owned by Kfri is the top funder of KIVA. So far Gavrieli Foundation has provided over $10 million in micro-loans to women.

Mr. Gavrieli has vast experience in the financial sector. Before starting his career, Kfri graduated with B.A, M.S, and MBA from Stanford University. After his graduation, Gavrieli got an opportunity to serve in various sectors, including the real estate, hedge fund, technology, and venture capital industries. He gained vast skills to help him establish a successful business in the fashion industry. Forbes has named Tieks as the most innovative consumer brand. Kfir Gavrieli says in Tieks, they have developed a habit of approaching their clients’ needs with fresh eyes. Refer to this page on LinkedIn, for more information.


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