Eric Lefkofsky his Contribution in Technology Advancement

Eric Lefkofsky currently serves as the CEO and founder of Tempus, which deals with artificial intelligence applications in the medical field. The practical applications of the healthcare products make sure the advancing of the precision of the medical field. Eric Lefkofsky has played a big role in founding the Light Bank Company, specializing in investing in disruptive technologies. In 2006 in collaboration with his wife, they founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which operates privately in charitable events. 


They impact the communities they serve by having initiatives that get aimed at enhancing their lives. He schooled at the University of Michigan, where he graduated with a Juris Doctor in law School. Eric Lefkofsky has championed the startup of a health tech which he aims to get used to testing the Covid 19. He has looked for a fast-growth app since the pandemic began by offering his thoughts in the way of rising tech hubs in Chicago. 

Eric Lefkofsky, through his research, found out that Chicago has a hard time embracing technology; they need to embrace all those who have the passion for innovating. Eric Lefkofsky believes Chicago needs to enhance the growth of its tech companies and make the startup grow. In addition to the outstanding tourism growth, the city gets much better and needs to look for r ways in which they will find a way in making the environment much more friendly to the people. He challenges the top leaders to encourage investments in the city to aim the city to have a tech hub and always prioritize innovation.