Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie Believes that Airline Industry is Recovering

During the past year, one of the industry’s that has been most negatively affected is the airline industry. Many people have cancelled flights in order to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. The airline industry suffered substantial financial losses as a result of these cancelled flights. According to industry experts, the airline industry has lost an estimated $300 billion throughout the world. However, Alpha Aviation Group founder Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the airline industry is on the verge of recovery as people now have more confidence in flying to various destinations on a regular basis.

With the financial effects of the pandemic, many airlines have decided to cut their budgets which have resulted in minimal liquidity. Since lock downs and travel bans went into effect, many investors decided to put their funds in other more stable industries. The past year of 2020 was arguably the worst in the history of the airline industry which hasn’t surprised a lot of people including Bhanu Choudhrie.

Within the past several months, the vaccine for the virus has been distributed and now most people are now immune. As a result, they are more willing to fly and visit many destinations throughout the world. By coming up with a vaccine and allowing people to travel abroad more easily, Alpha Aviation Group founder Bhanu Choudhrie is optimistic about the future of the airline industry. Choudhrie founded his UK based company in 2006 which was intended to be an alternative institution for training prospective airline pilots. Today, his company provides services that include cadet programs that are compliant with airline company standards and more

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the airline industry is recovering because of a few recent trends in the industry. First, investors are providing more funds for airline companies which gives them the capital they need to grow and expand. Another factor is that more people are buying airline tickets and traveling abroad. Lastly, the vaccine has enabled people to protect themselves from infection and as a result, they feel more comfortable flying more frequently.

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