Betsy DeVos Would Like to See Teachers Take Initiative

Teaching is one of the single most important of all professions in the world. Teachers are responsible for molding young minds. They take responsibility for the needs of kids. They serve as role models for students who need to learn. As teachers, they also help students make that transition from being children to becoming full fledged adults in every way. For so many students, teachers are there to care for them. At the same time, teachers are very much people who can and should be expected to improve and get better at their profession. For Betsy DeVos, teachers are people who can help engage in many important processes that help students do better life. She wants to do what she can in order to help them get better at their job and become better at working in the schools. She cares very much about this profession and what it can do for American children.


Her Work


Betsy DeVos in one of four kids. She’s also someone who has raised four kids of her own. She is also a grandmother. As such, she knows a lot about children and what makes them tick. She also knows what it means to be teacher. That’s because, she, like mothers and grandmothers, has been her children’s first teacher. Mothers teach kids about varied subjects of all kinds. They help them master skills such as eating and feeding themselves as well as learning to talk and read. As such, she’s been very much a teacher to her own kids and her own grandkids. In this role, she has done her best to help some of the most important people in the world around her learn a lot. She wants all teachers to be able to do the same with the kids they teach.


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