Benefits of PosiGen Solar Solutions

PosiGen is a firm that helps its commercial and residential customers save money by offering them energy-efficient upgrades, solar hot water systems, and solar PV systems at their businesses and homes. Up to now, the solar power company prides itself on helping enhance financial stability of moderate and low-income households. PosiGen offers various payment options to allow all customers of all budgets to benefit from its products and services. Below are reasons why you should consider visiting them today!


Quality equipment

The company installs high-quality solar panel equipment. They provide the equipment with an extended performance guarantee of thirty years, meaning that it will be productive throughout its lifetime. 


Payment options 

The PosiGen company provides two payment alternatives to save customers’ utility bills. You can either purchase or lease. Lease enables customers to monitor, maintain, and even install a solar system without upfront fees


This form of payment at PosiGen  is a good alternative for clients who wish to save money on electric bills monthly but don’t want the responsibility of owning equipment installation or don’t qualify for incentives. At the same time, the purchase option allows customers to take advantage of rebates and tax credits. 


Moving Options

The company offers some alternatives for customers if you want to move to another neighborhood while still under contract. The company can relocate the system for you at an affordable rate. Customers at posiGen also have the freedom to cancel their lease and have the system removed from their homes at an affordable fee.