Andrew Frame: Expert software, Serial Entrepreneur And Founder Of Citizen App

When developing Citizen, Andrew Frame was determined to build the first app that would combine intelligence location information from 911. This aimed to provide a safety service that’s safe, accurate, reliable and just as accurate as traditional 911 services.

As a part of the app, users input their current location, and their emergency contact(s). When activated, the app sends them an emergency alert. If needed, the alert provides additional details, including the exact location of the emergency, along with a detailed description of the emergency, including directions to the nearest safety point.

Users can also set up customizable safety zones in the app to customize the alert to only go out if an emergency was in their current location or in a radius of 100 feet. “Citizen App is an innovative product. The concept is inherently helpful and is designed to improve people’s lives.

By leveraging location information from both traditional and social media, Citizen generates information on a person’s location and sends it directly to 911 call centers. If a Citizen user’s location changes, Citizen sends this new information to the police and other emergency services.

Andrew Frame organized with Alan Toner, a member of The Embassy, one of the first tech companies to call for an open internet, to release transparency reports for the first time. After Fight For The Future, Frame joined the Software Freedom Law Center, where he directed the Freedom of Expression Project. The project is devoted to expanding and safeguarding users’ freedom to use, learn, create, and build tools on the internet.

Andrew Frame is committed to creating social impact through technology. He serves on the board of directors for the Hackers for Peace Foundation and co-founded the Aspen Institute New Voices Fellowship. Most recently, he co-founded Next Door, a company that helps solve problems for people by using data and artificial intelligence.

His commitment to citizen’s safety lies at the core of every decision he makes. He has donated at least $150,000 to charities over the last two years, many of which are focused on bettering the lives of others. Go here for more information.


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