Andrew Alexander's early days in comedy

Andrew Alexander was born in March 24th 1944. He was the CEO, co-owner and producer at The Second City. His many achievements in the entertainment and comedy industry make him a role model for upcoming comedians.

In a world with a fair share of misery, occasional laughter is the relief everyone needs. Andrew Alexander’s career was about making this happen for many people. He was good at it as well with his works winning many awards. He was the producer of the popular comedy series SCTV which won two Emmy Awards during its six seasons.

Andrew Alexander completed his studies at Ryerson University in Toronto and started doing the available jobs he could find. These jobs were in no way related to comedy. He was a driver, waiter, and a newspaper editor at one point.

He discovered he wanted to get into comedy in 1971 after attending a comedy theatre in Chicago. He enjoyed the show but more importantly he felt connected to the art itself. He left that day inspired to create that sense of wonder, amazement, and entertainment in other people through creating improv and other kinds of comedy.

For him comedy is an art with the purpose of making people think, presenting new perspectives, and ultimately making people laugh. With a mission in his mind and heart, the producer\comedian made an offer to the co-founder of The Second City who accepted it. He helped to boost the bearings of the organization in the industry with a loan from a friend. With his keen eye for what people are looking for in comedy, the comedy club attracted a larger audience than ever and became a success.

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